General information

Are the products sold on the site authentic?

The products sold on our site are not authentic because they are not manufactured in the official factory.

Are the sizes men's or women's?

Products sold on are generally unisex. 

Do you do restocking?

Yes, restocking is possible, but it depends on product availability.

Ordering and payment

Is the payment on the site secure?

Our site uses SSL technology to secure your information. Furthermore, when you send a payment, the recipient does not receive any financial data about you, such as your account or credit card number.

Why does my payment fail?

There may be various reasons for refusing a payment (insufficient amount available on the account, expired card, technical problem in transmitting information, etc.). It is preferable that the name given on the delivery address is identical to the name on the card used for payment.

If, after several payment attempts, the payment is still not validated. We invite you to follow this alternative:

Click here

Pourquoi le prélèvement ne correspondent pas au montant de ma commande?

Bank charges may apply depending on your bank. (usually 3.73%)

*If the amount of the charges exceeds 7.00 euros.

Please contact us

How do I cancel an order?

Any cancellation after validation of payment will be subject to a request for authorisation of reimbursement from Corteiz. Please contact customer services as soon as possible after your order has been validated.

Refunds may take several weeks to appear on your account statement.

Je souhaite retourner ou échanger mon produit, comment faire?

Toutes les ventes de sont définitives. Nous ne sommes pas en mesure de procéder à des retours ou à des échanges.


Les remboursements sont effectués UNIQUEMENT en cas d'erreur d'exécution, par exemple en cas d'erreur d'expédition ou d'article manquant.


En cas de problème, veuillez contacter notre service clientèle :


In which countries is delivery available?

Deliveries are made anywhere in the world.

How much are the delivery costs?

8€ for DHL Express delivery (or other carriers)

What are the delivery times?

Express delivery 5-8 working days via Colissimo (La poste) or DHL Express.

COVID: Due to current circumstances, please allow up to 3-7 days for delivery.

I haven't received my parcel, what should I do?

If you still haven't received your order, your parcel is probably still on its way to you and should arrive very soon. Please also check the estimated date. And if the estimate date has passed, it is sometimes possible that the national network is busier than usual.

We remain dependent on delivery by carriers such as La Poste, Chronopost or DHL. We have chosen these carriers because they are reliable on the whole, but occasionally some may take a little longer or be less responsive than usual.

We also ask you to check that the address given in the summary of your order is correct, complete and correctly spelt, and that your name is clearly visible on the letterbox and that the letterbox is accessible. It is possible that a lack of information could delay your parcel.

If your delivery address is correct and the delivery deadline has passed, don't hesitate to contact us using our online form. Our team is here to help you!

Why did I only receive one product when I ordered several?

You may receive your order in several packages depending on the availability of products in our various warehouses, so that you can receive available items quickly and avoid delays caused by stock.